The Counselling Practice
Humanistic Integrative Counselling in Manchester and Online

Online Counselling

Online counselling may be an alternative option if committing to face to face counselling might be difficult right now.

There are three ways in which we might engage in online counselling:

1) Instant messaging (IM)  
2) video/audio call
3) Email

Wherever possible online counselling seeks to imitate a ‘traditional’ counselling session. A 'live' session (via IM or video/audio call) would usually be held once a week on an agreed day and time. If you prefer to have your sessions via email, we would normally agree a time each week for us to each send our messages.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost £35 payable via PayPal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information and/or to arrange an introductory session.


Research suggests online counselling can be very successful and might be a really good first step in accessing therapy.

I am an experienced online therapist. My online work includes:

Action on Addiction (COAP)
Talk Life Connect 
Plus Guidance
The BB Group - Mindfull, BeatBullying, CyberMentors, Future You, Mini Mentors
Anxiety UK